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Friday, 17 May 2013

I am single after I broke up with my girlfriend – Moses Obi Adigwe

With a sonorous voice and boisterous personality 22-year-old Moses Obi Adigwe, a.k.a the ‘teddy bear’ wowed audiences across Nigeria to emerge winner of one of Nigeria’s most-viewed reality TV show, Etisalat- Nigerian Idol, Season 3. He speaks to Showtime on the journey so far, his forthcoming album, and life generally.

How has it been so far?

It has been good and awesome. It has been wow, I still can’t believe it really, but it is great.

What has changed about you after winning the Nigerian Idols reality TV show ?

Nothing, I am just happy and laughing every time. It is unbelievable, don’t you understand? A year ago, if someone had told me that I would be here today. I would have said Amen! But I don’t believe you. Everything that has happened really showed that it is just a blessing. It is a miracle in my life, and I am so excited and happy about it.

Were you surprise that you won the show?

Personally, I went into the competition with a mindset that I was going to have fun. So, I was hoping that I would get there, I worked, hoped, and prayed that I get there.

What were the challenges you faced?

In terms of contestant that would be Abasiakan


To me, he was the second best singer; his vocal abilities really amazed me. We were actually good friends maybe, because of our vocal dexterity and that we both knew music and all of that. I thought we would make the top two. That day, the eviction show was greeted with mixed-feelings. I was happy that I scaled through, and then, I felt bad because my very good friend didn’t make it to the finals.

How did you feel when he was evicted?

I was like if people can vote out Abasiakan, anything can happen to me. The show was alright, it was fun because the eviction show usually holds on Thursdays, every other day of the week, everyone in the house are all jumpy, loud and happy. But on Thursdays, it is different because it is as if something is going to happen, everywhere is usually quiet, some people resort to sleeping. So when he was evicted, I said to myself that anything can happen. But here I am, winner of the winner of the show*Moses

So what were the challenges?

To me, one major challenges was maintaining the standard. I got into the competition as wild card and after my performance, people were like this is a splendid performance. I had to keep that standard and each week, I tried to prove to the judges and everyone around that I deserved to be on that stage. And each week we have a different theme and sometimes, I was obliged to do a song the way it is, I must work on it and add fresh vibes. It is adding the brain factor to it to make you stand out and your performance memorable. I always had to think about that and do things out of the box.

How did you do that?

Because of the people’s love for me. Everyday I step out, honestly only God knows how many people call me on daily basis. Somebody actually alighted from his car and insisted to take a picture with me. He was such a huge fan. The same thing happened a few days ago when this kid walked up to me and said are you Moses?

I voted for you. I was like are you serious, having that is more than a blessing in my life. Also, on the show, we learnt a lot about maintaining your vocal balance. So, learning to maintain that balance, knowing my limits as a vocalist and a performer helped me. I learned so much from the show.

What is your kind of music?

I love old school music very much because as a younger man, it was my siblings and my parents who determined the kind of music that was played in our house. I got used to listening to a lot of old school music like Barry-white. And of course later, I switched over to R nB.

Among my contemporaries, I really love Asa. Right from her first album; she is one artiste that I know has stayed true to her own thing. She came out doing her own thing and we loved her for it.

In the music industry who would you like to be like?

Nobody, I love people who stay true to themselves, be original, after that I am going to come out as Moses. I don’t want people to say that you sound like like this person or the other. Rather, I want them to say that person sound like Moses. So, I will remain true to myself, maintaining my voice, my originality.

Are we expecting an album from you soon?

An album takes time to put together, for now expect a couple of singles. I have already started working on a couple of things with a couple of wonderful producers and that will be coming out very soon. Also, I am working on a number of collaboration with other artistes.

Who are we collaborating with?

We don’t know yet. We are still discussing, no definite plans have been made.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

A lot of Nigeria artistes. I would love to work with Olamide, Neka, Asa, Tiwa Savage, Waje, Wizkid. You know, I performed D’banj Oliver Twist during the show, so I would love to work with D’banj. I would love to work with Oyenka Owuelu, she has been around for decades and she has been successful, not doing a recording deals, album, just to be on stage with her.

What kind of music should fans, be expecting?

I am experimenting, I am trying out a whole lot of things. I think I am a bit of hip hop artiste but when I am going old school I will do a kind of rock. I am going to try a whole lot of things and see how it sounds and the kind of reception it gets.

Do you think you have what it takes to break into the industry?

The thing is that in the industry, you can’t exactly come in and expect that they already have a position waiting for you. You have to go in there and fight for your own space. And that is what I am going to do. I am Moses and I am here!

What was growing up like?

Growing up was fun, I grew up in Abuja. I am the last child in the family of four kids. I am from Aniocha south in Delta State, that is why I am an Ibo/Hausa guy. I attended command day secondary school. It was really hectic because I was the “ajebutter” soft skin kid but I had so much fun.

I loved to read so I was a very bright kid in school, I remembered then raising my hands saying Aunty, I want to answer this question, so my teachers loved me. I went to university of Benin in Edo state, I studied political science and public administration.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I am aiming at coming out with really good music that will take my career to the international stage. Do good music that will shock Nigerians and the world, win a couple of awards and get a Grammy nomination.

What would you be doing with your money?

Part of my money will be spent on my career and my family.

What about your girlfriend?

I am single right now

But you have a girlfriend?

Yes, I did but we broke up last year, so I am single.

Finally what is your word to young Nigerians?

They should become the best they can be. It is one thing to have talent and it is a totally different thing to develop that talent. I would say, don’t just have those talents, develop them. Everyone has a voice but not everyone can sing. Be good at what you want to be and never give up. Know that it is not every time that you are going to make it through but never give up. In summary put God as number one, two develop your talent and number three never give up.

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