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Saturday, 13 April 2013

How To Look Pretty With Your Natural Hair !

In this age of Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian hair, it's almost hard to rock other hairstyles, let alone natural kinky hair! In spite of this, these ladies are bold enough to make a statement in kinky hair.

Is your hair relaxed and you want to move to natural hair? There is only one way: get a trim or a haircut! If you can't part with long hair, just get your hair stylist to cut off the ends.
If you are already rocking your natural hair, bebeakinboade.com presents to you how to incorporate these natural products into your hair care regimen.

It leaves hair soft by drawing moisture from the air and into your hair, so the follicles are less likely to become brittle and break.

Cocoa or African Shea Butter Cream. They can also leave your hair supple and soft. It’s great for soothing a dry scalp. Make sure that you get the unrefined ones.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the most popular. Apply this to the ends of your hair after you have moisturised them. This will seal the ends to trap the glycerine so your hair stays moist.

It’s time to get rid of your hairdryer! Natural hair lacks moisture, and hairdryers burn away the little moisture that they have. Airdrying takes longer but it’s healthier for your hair.Don't wash your hair too frequently. The natural oils that build up replenish the moisture and delay damage.

There are many different ways to style your hair, and here’s just a few:

Depending on how kinky your hair is, you’ll be able to wear an afro

-Afro puffs (You pull the hair back the same way you’d do a ponytail for straight hair, but kinky hair puffs out instead of falling down)


-Twistouts (This involves leaving your hair in twists for a couple of days or weeks, and then undoing them. This also works well after you’ve worn plaits. Your hair will be wavy and stretched out, so it’s great when you feel like a new look.)


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