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Saturday, 23 March 2013

I was frustrated as an actress-Uche Ogbodo, actress

The best way to describe her as far as acting is concerned is just perfect. She knows the job and so far, she has done quite a number of movies. With the consent of her parents, she went into Nollywood and, according to her, she is not in a hurry to quit. Speaking to Saturday Sun, Uche Ogbodo talks about her acting life. Young girls now rush into acting. What prompted your interest? My interest hit up when I realised that I have the talent to act. Moreover, my father decided that it was time for me to join the big Screen. It might interest you to know that he took me there himself and got me enrolled. Is acting in line with your course of study? You can say it is because I did a course closely related to my career which is Mass Communication. Right now, I am doing Banking and Finance at University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu campus. Apart from academic aspect of your career, what other things prepared you for the job? Nothing much apart from my desire to learn everyday. I know that I’m not the best yet in what I do but I know that I am good at it. I always love to learn new skills and tricks of the game. How would you assess women who are into acting? I would say that they are highly confident, independent and talented. I have high regards for them because these are women who want to grow and be recognised in their society. Most importantly, they impact people’s lives. Has there been anytime you felt like quitting? Not really felt like quitting, but more or less very much frustrated. Why? Sometimes in the industry, you go for an audition and you are never called back for a script. It is very frustrating. Do you have regrets doing this job? No! I have no regrets at all. What would you say has sustained you? I would say that the Almighty God has played a big role in my life regarding my career because He was always there whenever there was no one standing for me. More so, I have a lot of physical and spiritual strength embedded in me. So, with these, I keep moving on. Is any of your family members interested in acting? No, no one is. What are those things you would say you have benefited from acting? I have benefited in many ways that I may not be able to voice all. The industry has groomed me from a naive girl to an over zealous career-minded independent woman. That to me is a great achievement. What was your growing up like? My growing up was interesting with lots of fun. My parents made sure we had everything my siblings and I needed. They gave us their best and I owe them for that. Are there things you are doing alongside? Yes, I do a few other things. I run a company, Crystal and Scarlet Inc. We do contracts, productions and oil and gas. What are the major challenges in becoming an actress? I don’t see any challenge before me. Whatever comes my way is a stepping stone to my success. Women use charms to get roles. Where do you get your own charms? This is a funny one but I am not going to hide my source of power. I get my own charm from the Almighty God, the mighty rose of sharon. Lesbianism is the order of the day in Nollywood. Who is your partner? I don’t have any partner. I am not a Lesbian. I am Straight. What legacy would you like to leave behind? Being hardworking, humble and patient takes one very far in life. So, I would like to leave a footprint by my attitude and way of life. When and how did you come into the movies? I came in September 2006 and it was my father who brought me into the industry through the help of a good Samaritan. Ladies are sexually harassed. Did you at any time experience that? No. Which of your movies is your favourite? I haven’t been challenged enough to make any of my movies my favourite. Although I have done quite a number of movies, I am yet to make a choice. What do you want in a man? Everywoman has what she wants from a man, but for me, a honest, humble and hardworking man will do. What are the lessons you have learnt in movies? There are so many lessons to be learnt in diferent movies and I have learnt a lot. The reason most people condemn our movies is that they watch them to entertain themselves while some watch it as if it is happening to someone they know. They feel the pains of the characters in the movie and that is what makes the difference. How would you define success? Success to me is not about money but how many people whose lives you are able to affect positively. I am not saying that money is not good but having money and not being able to put smiles on the faces of people around you would not give one fulfilment. In acting, if a greenhorn is brought to you to coach, where will you start from? I will start by asking him or her what acting is all about, what he thinks makes one a good artise. After all these, I will tell her never to be biased in his or her acting. Then, I will teach the person the rudiments of acting of which one is being real. Afterwards, I will give him or her a script to rehearse. What are the two things that make an artiste? The two things that make an artiste are that the person should be real and be able to carry his or her audience along. When an artiste plays a particular character, he or she assumes a different character. Why is that? I disagaree with you. We are in a make-belief world. We portray people’s character and that does not in any way change who we really are. If you eventually marry and there is a crisis that will compel you to chose either your career or marriage, what will you do? I would make a scale of preference. Nevertheless, when I get to the bridge, I will cross it. Give us an insight into your family background? I am from Enugu State. I am the second daughter of my parents. I went to Federal Government Girls’ College, Ileja, Nsukka. I also attended Enugu State University of Science and Technology where I read Mass Communication. I have a Christian family where love is our watchword. We love, respect and encourage each other. How do you relax? I love to dance. It helps me ease tension and stress.

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